Photo Courtesy of Bill Fauth
The Honor Walk at Veterans Memorial Park at Beacon Hill
was constructed directly on the bluff overlooking Highway 98 and the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful setting provides a very fitting place to pay tribute to those men and women who are and have served our country so faithfully. The entire Honor Walk area includes appropriate lighting to accommodate evening visitors.

The perimeter of this special "Honor Walk" area of the park is surrounded by a low black iron fence with stone columns. The existing sidewalk that connects the parking to the beach boardwalk provides access to the Honor Walk area. Nine granite benches are strategically placed to provide visitors a place to rest, enjoy the spectacular view of the Gulf, and reflect upon the freedoms we enjoy because of the sacrifices made by our Veterans.

The centerpiece of the Honor Walk is a large, lighted American Flag atop a flag pole 70 feet in height. At the base of the flag pole is a large 5-point star set in a pentagon.

Each facet of the star holds a monument stone towering 8 feet in height, 3 feet wide, and 12 inches thick -- one monument to represent each branch of the service. The monument stones are anchored by black stone bases 40 inches long, 16 inches wide and 12 inches high. Extending out from opposite sides of the center base are two 20 ft brick paver walkways -- The Honor Walk. The Honor Walk is bordered by rows of engraved bricks that were purchased to honor our Veterans.

These walkways terminate with monuments placed in the center of smaller pentagon bases. The names of Gulf County, Florida Veterans killed in action will be engraved into one of these monuments.

Extending out from the Honor Walk area toward the Gulf is a semi-circle wall of stone topped by five flag poles 50 feet in height, displaying the flags of each of the five branches of service.